Versaco Construction has operated its own Environmental management policy since it was formed, and has an environmental policy in place. The primary function of our system is to recycle, reduce site pollution and reduce waste, both on site and in the office environment.

The industry can and does cause effects upon the environment that we live in, however our vision is to work towards a sustainable environment where are not damaging where we live, but improving it for the better.

Versaco has worked alongside several consultancy companies on previous projects and will continue to do so to ensure that, wherever practically possible, damage to our environment does not occur and that existing wildlife habitats are not disturbed.

Agreements are in place with major and smaller local recycling sites to allow recycling of materials that arise from demolition and wherever construction design allows it, use recycled materials so the lifecycle is completed.


Versaco is keen to work towards improving its approach and adhering to latest standards such as BREEAM - www.breeam.com

A company Environmental policy is available upon request.
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