Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Versaco Construction are dedicated to protecting human rights, therefore, are an equal opportunity employer and incorporate all fair labour expectations. Versaco will ensure that our activities do not violate human rights in any country and genuinely believe that the business practices should benefit society as a whole.

It is in the interests of the management to use local suppliers wherever possible, whether that be for labour, materials or plant. This ensures that the nearby community remain employed and there is no overuse of fuel, which will cause less negative effect on the environment.

As part of adding ongoing benefits to the local society, Versaco continue to sponsor charitable events and sportspeople.

On an annual basis, the company pledges to donate a margin of local authority profits towards the community by providing and constructing social areas such as playgrounds and community centres, freeing up resources of local authorities.

A company CSR policy is available upon request.
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